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Australia's Unique Wildlife

 Direct to your Aged Care Facility !

Sydney's mobile wildlife experience

Animal Show
Respite Shows
Animal Shows
Wildlife Shows

"We aim to create an enjoyable fascinating respite from   the day’s normal activities. We achieve this by providing fun, personal, interactive animal encounters"


All of our animals are totally harmless and very used to human interaction


To help set the wildlife scene present our Animal Show in front of a beautifullypainted backdrop of the Australian bush and play audio sounds of nature throughout the show 


Two very experienced Zookeepers will attend the show to give an informative storytelling, hands on encounter for the residents.


Some of the animals we bring along on the day include:


  • Blue Tongued Lizard

  • Shingleback Lizard

  • Bearded Dragons

  • Eastern Long-necked turtle Adult and a baby turtle 

  • Green Tree Frog and Magnificent Tree Frog

  • A variety of harmless Stick Insects

  • A Salt or Freshwater Crocodile

  • A small python and an extra large python, both incredibly tame


Rest assured that all of our animals have been Veterinary Inspected and are safe to handle, although we do advise hand washing after touching any animals


We can also offer a roaming animal encounter for residents who prefer to stay in the comfort of their rooms


We are able to set up in any area of your choice (indoors or outdoors)


We only ask that you please avoid serving food during the animal show as the residents are given the opportunity to pat, touch or hold any of our creatures should they choose to


Feel free to take as many photos as you like during our stay


All are welcome to our show including family members


Our animal shows run for approximately one to one and a half hours


Contact Jacki to discuss booking an extraordinary Wildlife Show

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