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Educational Wildife Shows

Oldest Frog
Mini beasts
Bug Show
Reptile Show

Imagine the learning with real animals visiting your school ?

"School visits, vacation care or before and after school care groups"


We know through experience that students of all ages really enjoy the learning when immersed in a variety of hands on activities with the wildlife


We will provide the opportunity for individual and group participation, watching animal behaviours at work, question time and lots of animal interaction to ensure the children have the best educational experience


Our aim is to fascinate and inspire the children to help all native creatures in Australia by better understanding the importance of their role in our precious eco systems, individual life cycles and animal habitats


Shows are delivered based on the general age group and can be tailored to suit any current curriculum


We have a wide variety of animals that we can bring along including :


  • Mini Beasts

  • Reptiles

  • Amphibians


Our team have had their "Working with children" checks and we are fully licensed and insured


Risk Assessments can easily be provided if required


Please contact Jacki if this sounds like what you are after and we can discuss an Animal Show tailored to your specific needs


" Engaging Animal Experiences"


Sydney's mobile wildlife experience

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