Educational Programs 

And Interactive Shows

Wildlife show animal show reptile show


 Reptile Show turtles

We have a wide variety of Reptiles to bring along including:


  • 2 Pythons (large and small)

  • A Blue tongue, Shingleback and Bearded dragon Lizard

  • 2 x Turtles including a very cute juvenile

  • A Salt or Freshwater crocodile


We also bring 2 types of Frogs and some unusual bugs.


Our show normally runs for one hour allowing plenty of interaction with the animals,  fascination and education 


If you have any special requests on the day let us know

Imagine the learning interacting with live animals in your classroom, fetes, childcare centres, vacation care groups, before and after school care or next event !


Whether you’re learning specifically about reptiles and mini beasts, animal habitats and life cycles, or simply want to fascinate a crowd, our tailored shows would suit any curriculum or age group.


Everyone will be invited to participate during the hour long show and may touch or hold all of the animals. We can also set up two interactive touch tables displaying a wide variety of animals and unusual artefacts.


Contact Jacki to discuss discounted group bookings or special rates for special groups.


Minibeast shows Mini Beast Display

​​Here at Feature Creatures we are always fascinated by the enormous amount of invertebrates around us. Large, small, slimy or hairy, their life cycles and habits ​are beyond incredible.


We have a great selection that we can bring along to your school, fete, show or childcare centre. 


Check out the Invertebrate page under

" Our Creatures" and ask about having us at your next event.



Reptile shows

​​Want to learn more about caring for Reptiles, Frogs and Invertebrates? The team at Feature Creatures are qualified Zoo Keepers and have been for decades. Our experience shines through in our  fun and informative talks about how we care for these specialised animals.


With a lifetime of stories to share and a world of experience, the children are given the opportunity to:

  • learn about the unique behaviour of these fascinating cold blooded creatures

  • watch a lizard thermo-regulating

  • wow at a frog using his eyes to help him eat a meal

  • feel the strength of a crocodiles tail

  • help feed the lizards their lunch with a snack of mealworms

  • understand what each animal needs from their keepers to survive

  • learn how to attract frogs and other native animals to your garden

  • Pat and handle a wide variety of animals