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Amazing Animal Encounters 


Feature Creatures have a wide variety of animals to showcase at your next special gathering or home based facility


All of our animals are incredibly tame, vet checked and used to tactile experiences 


Your guests will be enthralled by the interactive encounters we can provide


The Real stars of the day include:


  • Blue Tongued Lizard

  • Shingleback Lizard

  • Bearded Dragons

  • Hermit Crabs

  • Eastern Longnecked turtle, Adult and a Juvenile 

  • Green Tree Frog and Magnificent Tree Frog

  • A variety of harmless Stick Insects

  • A Salt or Freshwater Crocodile juvenile

  • A small python and an extra large python, both incredibly tame

  • Other unusual invertebrates



Everyone will be given the opportunity to pat, touch, look or hold any of the animals within their own comfort level


Our team are sensitive to the needs of the animals and people inclusively and our ability to engage the wider audience has always provided for a fascinating wildlife experience


Please feel free to take photos throughout the show and know...



"Animals and humans, we are all in this together "


Special Care Groups

Australia's Unique Wildlife

 Delivered to your front door !

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Reptile Shows

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