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Our interactive REPTILE, BUG and FROG parties may be just the fresh idea you’re looking for?  TWO experienced, vaccinated Animal Wranglers will attend your party to look after the creatures and kids for an HOUR LONG fun packed FANTASTIC wildlife experience!


The Birthday child is invited to help us for the entire show


We will take them behind the scenes to help us retrieve all the creatures making their special day even better! We present our show in front of a hand painted forest backdrop - creating an Aussie bush feel/ and a great spot to create lasting photos


We come right to your home and can set up indoors or outdoors or could even visit and entertain your guests in a local park or hall. We only ask that you provide a picnic blanket and somewhere for the children to wash their hands before tucking into the birthday cake! Hand sanitiser is perfect and full shade is a must!

It's educational too but don't tell the kids that Shhhh...


The real stars of the day include:

  • A variety of Spiders, Scorpions, Centipedes (in locked containers) Crickets, Mealworms and some Extra LARGE Stick Insects

  • Lots of lizards such as a Blue tongue lizard a Shingleback lizard and 2 Central Bearded Dragons

  • Frogs are always a hit, and we show the kids a Magnificent Tree Frog and a local species of Green Tree Frog

  • A CROCODILE TOO - Yes ! either a Fresh or Saltwater crocodile 

  • A beautiful freshwater turtle and some hermit crabs


  • Two very friendly Pythons - one small one to warm the kids up to then meeting the GIANT SNAKE at the end of the show! 


We can also provided some "Feature Creatures' themed animal invitations that can be used for that extra special party feel!


Email Jacki to have some sent to you

Reptile party Reptile Show

Is your child fascinated by all things scaly and crawling?

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