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Childcare Groups

Feature Creatures brings Australia’s unique wildlife direct to your childcare centre, playgroup or kindergarten !

Sydney's mobile wildlife experience

Reptile Incursion
Reptile Show Incursion
Green Tree Frogs
Reptile Show Incursion
Mini beast shows and incursions

Our Interactive Educational Wildlife Show runs for ONE FUN FILLED HOUR


The show is presented in front of a beautifully hand painted back drop of the

Australian bush where we can initially tuck the animals safely away. This also sets the scene and allows the element of surprise for the children before the animals are introduced


All of our animals are INCREDIBLY TAME and used to direct human contact as we have had them all since they were babies themselves!


The children will be constantly stimulated in a wide variety of ways to assist their learning and shows are delivered specifically for the target age group


We provide the opportunity for individual participation, group activities, some singing and plenty of time to pat, touch, hold and explore the animal’s and their unique behaviours within the comfort of the children's limits


Two experienced Zoo Keepers/Educators will present the show to

create a fun hands on, educational encounter for the children and carers alike


The real stars of the day include:


  • Blue Tongued Lizard

  • Shingleback Lizard

  • Bearded Dragons

  • Hermit Crabs

  • Eastern Longnecked turtle, Adult and a super cute juvenile 

  • Green Tree Frog and Magnificent Tree Frog

  • A variety of harmless Stick Insects

  • A Salt or Freshwater Crocodile juvenile

  • A small python and an extra large python, both incredibly tame

  • Touch tables displaying spiders, centipedes, scorpions and other invertebrates in locked containers


The children will get to experience:


  • watching a frog use his eyes to help him eat a meal

  • learn about the unique behaviour of these fascinating creatures

  • feel the strength of a crocodiles tail

  • help feed the lizards their lunch with a snack of mealworms

  • learn what each animal needs to do to survive in the wild

  • learn how to attract frogs and other native animals to a garden

  • pat and handle a wide variety of tame animals

  • And MORE


Our Animal Shows are delivered based on the general age group and we can cater our show to any of the centres current teachings or activities

The Feature Creatures team will ensure the children have the best possible experience and all parents are welcome


We are FULLY INSURED, can provide RISK ASSESSMENTS and have our Working With Children's Checks

EMAIL Jacki to make an enquiry

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